Rugby League Ball Sizes

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Rugby League footballs are made in different sizes to make it easier for players in different age groups to handle.

If you are interested in purchasing a football for your child the table below shows the official ball sizes used by each age group as outlined in the Junior Rugby League Laws and International Laws by the NRL.

Ages Ball Size
U6’s & U7’s Size 3 (Mini)
U8’s Size 3 (Mini)
U9’s¹, U10’s, U11’s & U12’s Size 4 (MOD)
U13’s+ Size 5 (International)

Note 1: The U9’s in 2017 will be playing under MOD League rules with a Size 4 (MOD) ball; from 2018 onwards U9’s will be playing under the new Junior League U8 & U9 game model with a Size 3 (Mini) ball.

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