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Below is a list of some of the useful NRL/North Sydney JRL forms that may be required throughout the league season. For a complete list of forms, policies and guidelines visit playNRL and North Sydney JRL sites.

 North Sydney JRL Forms

This form is to be completed and returned to the Club Secretary and Registrar ( by the Manager of the team in which the player is seeking approval, PRIOR to the player playing in a higher age division.  The Manager will need to keep a copy available if requested on game day.

This form needs to be completed for each competition round (for all age groups) and then emailed to at completion of the game (and before end of day).

NRL Logo NRL Forms

This form needs to be completed if a player sustains an Injury which has required ambulance transport whilst playing/training.  The form needs to be sent with the player in the ambulance.

If a player sustains an injury to the head and does not display the signs and symptoms of concussion immediately, it is advisable to give this Card/Form to the player’s parents, relatives or another person who will be with this player for at least 24 hours.

Form to be provided for Players doctor for review and medical clearance before returning to training and/or playing Rugby League.

 Injury report form

Required by Rugby League Sports Trainers to ensure total care and welfare of players. The medical advice card provides our Level 1 Sports trainers with information about a player’s health status and other important information in cases of emergencies. Confidentiality of information is of utmost importance. Refer to NRL guidelines for additional information.

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